Sunday, August 31, 2014

Quentin at Oakhurst

Eugene and I drove to 'Quentin at Oakhurst' along the beautiful Hout Bay road.  Approaching from the Constantia end, the trees touch overhead, kissing trees we call them. Then into Dorman Way where there is private parking right in front of the restaurant. 

We were warmly welcomed, always important in my opinion.  I hate cold, indifferent greetings by staff that frankly couldn't care less.  The restaurant was dressed in its best.  Lights twinkling, tables adorned with linen, sparkling silver service and glasses waiting expectantly to be filled.  Glorious arrangements of Cape flowers, which I later learnt, were the handiwork of our host, Quentin Spickernell, preened themselves under the lights. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Our first impression as we entered Burrata at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town, was of a stylish interior in the manner of the restaurants in New York City's Meat Packing District.  Wood, steel and glass and bare face brick walls combine to create an urban industrial feel.  But it is the splendidly bold red pizza oven presiding majestically over proceedings from a corner of the restaurant, which immediately catches one's eye. This is a special pizza oven.  It is different from most other pizza ovens and we would soon find out all about it.

Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from Mozzarella and cream.  The outer shell is Mozzarella while the inside is a combination of Mozzarella and cream, or sometimes a mixture of butter and sugar.  Best served fresh at room temperature, it is the epitome of buttery deliciousness.  Burrata means 'buttered' in Italian.