Monday, April 29, 2013


Eugene and I have made another discovery - Casareccio in Hout Bay, Cape Town.  It baffles me that it has taken us so long to discover what hordes of people have known about for ages!  A place that serves English breakfasts, divine Italian pizza and pasta, Portuguese specialities, perfect pastry and more.  A Cucina Italiana with a real Italian Mama in command of the kitchen, a restaurateur whose experience, energy and enthusiasm is daunting and delicious food that invites one to return again and again.

Friends introduced us to Casareccio.  All eight of us trooped in on a busy week night.  Actually, I think that every night is busy at Casareccio.  But the friends had booked and we were immediately taken under the warmly hospitable wing of Jorge Ferreira, the owner and his excellent team of service staff.   Eugene and I were quite bowled over by the vast array of pizza and pasta choices. There are also a number of salads and 'Speciality Dishes', which reflect Jorge's Portuguese heritage and are star turns at Casareccio.  To further complicate matters, there are specials displayed on a blackboard. Good grief, where to start?  I wanted everything.  We were gently guided through the maze of delights by our valiantly patient companions and finally decided to begin the proceedings with Garlic and Herb Focaccia (or two).  To follow, I ordered a half portion of 'Pasta Contadina (Village Style)' with olive oil, garlic, artichokes with white wine and parsley with added chorizo for good measure. And a side salad!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Delicious Italian Food At Magica Roma

Eugene and I adore Italian food.   Authentic, delicious Italian food made with the best and purest ingredients and with all the verve, passion and energy that the finest Italian chefs bring to their creations.

So it is with unalloyed happiness that we have been regular patrons of Magica Roma for years and years.

Magica Roma Ristorante Italiano at 8 Central Square, Pinelands in Cape Town, is proudly Italian.  Everything about it is Italian, from the owner/chefs Ezio De Biaggi and Franco Zezia, to the food that emerges triumphantly from the kitchen.   Our hosts were named Cavalieri Del Lavoro (Knights) by the President of Italy Dr. Scalfaro,  for creating a completely genuine Italian restaurant outside Italy.  Having been accorded this signal honour,  they are honour bound to maintain the finest tradition of Italian cooking using only the best ingredients.  Wine Magazine has, since the year 2000, included them each year in the top 100 restaurants in South Africa.  Rossouw's  Restaurant has awarded Magica Roma 3 stars.  In addition to all of this, there are numerous glowing write-ups and mentions from all over the world.