Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Memories of Irma Stern

Memories Of Irma Stern
                                                   1894 - 1966                                         

This is a story of a time long past, when my world was younger and I had the incredible good luck to meet  the fantastic Irma Stern.  These are some of my memories of that amazing lady.   I do hope that you will travel back in time with me and enjoy the memoir.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Martha's Vineyard

The New England Diaries

Eugene and I had only ever heard of Martha's Vineyard as a summer playground of the rich and very famous.  So many tales of happenings that have made newspaper headlines.  But we were going to learn more about this extraordinary place.  Robin would share his knowledge and be our guide on a fascinating exploration of 'The  Vineyard'.   His treasure trove of detail and anecdotes would make this adventure all the more remarkable.

He rounded us up for an early start for the drive to New Bedford, a city in Bristol County, Massachusetts.  Here we booked our tickets on a ferry to Martha's Vineyard.  It all seemed so normal for people to be taking a short sea voyage to their jobs or their homes.  Apparently 'The Vineyard' is only accessible by sea or air.  We enjoyed the journey on the calm waters of the Nantucket Sound and landed at Oak Bluffs, a town located in Dukes County, Massachusetts.   Eugene and I were never going to get used to the rapidity and ease with which we changed states,counties,cities and towns. Robin hired a car and off we went to explore this quite extraordinary place.  What a treat lay in store!