Monday, October 10, 2011

Café Society at the Long Street Café

One lovely, sunny early Spring day, Eugene and I strolled along Long Street to the iconic Long Street Café. The brightly lit and unapologetically brash cafe sign winked boldly at us as we approached.   It blends so perfectly with this street that is a melting pot of all the cultures past and present that have inhabited it.  Life here hums and buzzes with alacrity.

Walking through the marvellous Art Deco wooden portals, one finds a mellow, laid back scene that belies the energy and pulse that drives the LSC.  We chose to sit inside as the pavement heat was too intense.   Immediately, a friendly face sprang forward to welcome us and show us to a table.  The menus are large laminated single sheets. We settled down to study them and to make a choice in a reasonable space of time.  We are great ditherers