Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The New England Diaries

Eugene and I spent 3 glorious weeks savouring the delights of New England, this north eastern corner of the United States.  We ate the most superb clam chowder, enjoyed the delights of lobster in all its incarnations and, of course, homemade blueberry pie.

We visited quaint seaside villages and huge bustling modern cities with such tall skyscrapers that one fears that they will topple over.  We saw houses built hundreds of years ago and museums and galleries with art that made one weep with joy.

Join Back Chat's New England Romp and experience the wondrous sights and sounds of the cities and the villages; the mouth-watering tastes of food in dockside restaurants and grand food in grand establishments.  Love it as much as we did. 

This first story is about our introduction to New England, Massachusetts to be precise.  I tell of our visit to the home of the poet Emily Dickinson in Amherst and of course our immediate love affair with the food of New England.

I would love to know how you enjoyed your first taste of New England.  Do write to me at or leave a comment on the blog.  I look forward to hearing from you.