Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lunch In The Library At The Cape Grace

Entering the elegant and gracious Cape Grace Hotel at the V&A waterfront in Cape Town is a gloriously soothing experience.  The doorman's welcome has the quality of old fashioned courtesy and the cool and peaceful interior further enhances the moment.  Beautiful furniture, exquisite flower arrangements and  friendly smiles gently command one's attention
Eugene and I love lunching in the Library at the Cape Grace Hotel.   This lovely room, full of antique Cape furniture and marvellously overstuffed sofas and chairs that almost enfold you, provides a perfect place to escape the vagaries of a Cape winter or the trials of a steamy summer.   We flop back into the softest sofa and allow the ambiance to embrace us.

The waiting staff appear almost noiselessly bearing menus and warm greetings.  Drinks are offered and the  spacious coffee table in front of each seating area is set with huge crisp linen napkins, silver cutlery and water  and wine glasses.  We order our drinks and take a while to peruse the menu.  One is never hurried at the Cape Grace.   A charming manageress, Quanita, "just call me Q, " eased our way through the experience.