Monday, October 4, 2010

Mao's Last Dancer

Mao's Last Dancer

Director:  Bruce Beresford
Cast :  Chi Cao; Bruce Greenwood; Kyle Mclachlan;  Joan Chen;
Producer:  Jane Scott
Screenplay Writer: Jan Sardi

Based on ballet dancer Li Cunxin's autobiography 'Mao's Last Dancer"

Every now and then a film happens along that is so enchanting, that one is totally captivated.  We were.  At times we laughed joyously and at others, we wept unashamedly.  Yes, Eugene too!

Join Back Chat on a journey through Chinese ballet dancer, Li Cunxin's, life.   This is a political thriller, a tender love story and a vehicle for some breathtaking performances of a selection of the world's most famous ballets.   Besides being an extraordinary dancer, Chi Cao who plays  Li Cunxin, is a fine actor and thus the film moves into a realm of its own.

I would love to know how you reacted to all the sensations.  Please leave a comment on Back Chat or email me at    And Take Note: This film is not just for ballet lovers, it is for anyone with a gentle heart.