Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bistro Sixteen82 Experience.

Approaching Bistro Sixteen82 on a road that meanders through the vineyards of the oldest farm in the Constantia Valley, we were instantly transported from the past to the present day by the sight of a huge industrial type building with automated sliding doors.  Passing through this very modern-day portal, we were met by the sight of lots of  glass,wood and sleek shiny steel.  A very lovely quiet, cool space.

Architects, Richard Perfect and Jan Desseyn have succeeded brilliantly in creating unison between the past and the present.  All the different textures blend harmoniously into a perfect whole which more than defines the sum of its parts.   In order to reach the restaurant, we strolled through the Cathedral-like space of the tasting room, the 'Cellar Door'.  Immediately we were transfixed by the sight of a huge brilliantly multicoloured glass chandelier.   This remarkable structure that has 2,700 hand-crafted resin grapes making up the installation, took two weeks to fit it into place.  It is suspended above an oval-shaped counter.  Here one can sit and have a tasting of exquisite wines and glance upwards in homage to the grape.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On The Move With Back Chat

Travelling today is no longer a casual and leisurely affair.   On the contrary, it is full of pitfalls and needs a serious plan of action.

Travellers appear to fall into two categories:  the 'bring everything you might need' and the 'bring only what you use.'   Where do you fit in?

Do you appear to be carrying all you own, or are you one of those rarefied creatures that strolls up to the check-in counter - cool, calm and unhurried.   Just the elegance of chic luggage and a relaxed expression.

Preparing to travel can be easy and untrammelled or a muddled nightmare.

From the essential paperwork to perfect packing, Back Chat gives you the nuts and bolts.

If after you have read the article, you still have a problem to solve, do contact me at Back Chat at or email me at .   I would love to help you make your travel experience a breeze.

International Air Travel Update - What You Need To Know About Carry-On and Check-In Luggage.

International air travel today operates in an era of heightened security

Packing has become a separate science. No longer do we have the luxury of bulging carry on luggage and fitting it all in! 

Back Chat gives you a summary of the do's and don'ts of what you need to know about carry-on and check-in luggage. 

For seasoned travellers this may be old hat. But for many all this will be new and possibly bewildering.  Do contact me if you need to know more about this very important aspect of modern day International Air Travel.   Either email me at or leave a comment on Back Chat. I look forward to hearing from you.