Monday, May 24, 2010

Magical French Food At The Foodbarn

As anybody who has read 'Travels With Back Chat' will have realised,  Eugene and I are pretty passionate about food.  We have eaten in many parts of the world and have come to think of French food as our spiritual home.

So it is with great joy that we have become regular patrons of The Foodbarn' at Noordhoek.   Franck Dangereux is the maestro who creates the magical meals.  Originally at La Colombe, now at The Foodbarn, he is cooking for everyman and still maintaining the standards of a michelin star restaurant but without all the michelin hype.

One can eat from a bistro menu, which allows 3 courses, or from the A La Carte menu.  Both are seasonal and change often depending on the availability of fresh produce.   Have you ever seen a Frenchman or a Frenchwoman choose fresh produce?  Only the very best will do and don't rush them, it is a very serious and painstaking business. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Foodbarn Bakery & Deli

The Foodbarn Deli started in a corner of the Foodbarn Restaurant in Noordhoek Farm Village.   We all loved the cakes and the croissants, the pastries and the pies that emerged hot and steaming from the kitchen. There were all sorts of other wonderful treats to buy and buy we did.  It became part of the Foodbarn experience to wander over to the deli during the course of a meal and scrutinise the day's offerings.  The waiters knew where to find us when our food arrived at our tables.    In 2008, the deli moved across the village green into new premises with shiny bright kitchens and shelves groaning with produce.
Franck and Pete, as ever, pooled their talents in the creation of this incarnation of the deli and bakery.  The food remains Franck's domain.  Everything that is cooked or baked originates from him and is subject to the maestro's purist's eye and unshakable standards of perfection.  Pete, a passionate ideas man, handles all things commercial, from the administration to the marketing and the accounting.  Not least of all are his formidable people skills.  He is a genial and welcoming host who enjoys the company of his guests, many of whom are now like old friends.