Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back Chatter on 'Butter Or Margarine?' That Is The Question

How many times have you been asked if you use butter or margarine?   Inevitably your answer will lead to a sometimes heated discussion as the person posing the question will have strong opinions.

Both have their passionate admirers and equally their detractors and there are those that have simply opted for olive oil and others think that using neither is the answer.

Back Chat will give you both sides of the argument.  You decide which you prefer.   If you are still undecided, do contact me at les@leslieback.co.za or leave a comment on Back Chat.  I would be delighted to help you make up your mind or answer any question you may still have.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Grand Times At Grand Café & Beach

There is a new ' happening' in Cape Town - Grand Café & Beach has exploded onto the scene.  And I mean exploded!   In no time at all, it has become one of the most sought after 'to go to' places to eat, drink, people watch and just chill out and make-believe that you are at a Beach Club in St Tropez.   In fact, one of the hottest tickets in town.  C.E.O, Suzette Main,  and  Executive chef , Seelan Sundoo have again worked their magic.

The approach to the entrance of Grand Café & Beach is a palm- frond covered walkway along a wooden boardwalk.  The restaurant is housed in a huge warehouse.  After much searching, an abandoned warehouse provided the inspiration for the restaurant.  It took months to clear the space and to prepare it to be the interior of the beach club.  Outside, a lovely 46m long sundeck provides a platform for chairs, tables and umbrellas and reaching out to the ocean, a stretch of pristine, white sea-sand, brought in from surrounding beaches.   On the beach are sun beds waiting for tanned bodies to adorn them.  Salvador Dali would surely have painted the superbly surrealistic white settee and set of easy chairs in the middle of the beach on the sand.   A giant chess set  is set out on the sand, waiting for someone to try an opening gambit.  All amazing to behold.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Back Chatter On Balsamic Vinegar

Passionate opinions abound and there is a wide and bewildering range of prices and qualities.  Sadly too there are balsamic vinegars that do not live up to their names.

An understanding of the process will both assist and protect you from making expensive mistakes and will guide you to 'your' perfect choice.

Join Back Chat as we delve into the mysteries of this centuries old food product and find out what our ancestors already knew eons ago.   Do leave a comment on Back Chat or email me at les@leslieback.co.za .  I would love to hear about any close encounters of the 'balsamic' kind.

And remember  'CAVEAT EMPTOR' -  BUYER BEWARE.  There are unscrupulous people out there.